June 15, 2016
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Registration & Breakfast
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Welcome to FC16 - Jonathan Bean
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The Digital PR Challenge: How to Use Influencers Effectively - Sharon Flaherty

In this session, managing director of content marketing and communications agency, BrandContent, lifts the lid on how vloggers and bloggers want to work with brands. From first-hand research conducted by the agency, you’ll hear exactly what influencers think (be warned no sugar coating here) revealing both the best and worst experiences they’ve had with brands. You’ll also take away practical advice on how to best work together to co-create content that delivers meaningful results for your brand.

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Panel: How To Work With Your Influencers - Sharon Flaherty

Chair: Sharon Flaherty | Panellists: Emma Gannon, Susie Verrill, John Murray, Shivvy Jervis

Four influencers – a social media manager, a journalist, blogger and tech presenter – discuss the relationship of the PR and the influencer, sharing their experiences and tips for:

  • Identifying the right influencers to approach and understanding how best to reach out to them
  • How to build strong trusted relationships with key influencers
  • How to work with influencers and find out what their preference is
  • Tapping into and leveraging influencer’s knowledge about your audience to develop appropriate content
  • Understanding how social influencers prefer to work with PR professionals to create innovative content


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Time for some a refuel, chat and maybe even a nosey around BAFTA!

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How 1 Story Reached 100 Million People - Stefan Ronge
Mynewsdesk’s CMO Jonathan Bean sits down for a fireside chat with the Founder and Chief Creative Officer Stefan Ronge and Hermes Holm of Edelman Deportivo – Edelman’s award winning creative hub. Key points up for discussion include:
  • The importance of creativity to the future of communications
  • What we learned from putting an 80 year old on the Internet for the very first time
  • The lessons Mynewsdesk learnt when challenging ourselves and one client to reach 100 million people
  • The skills and mindset both in-house and agency that communicators need to have to succeed today
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Building Powerful & Emotional Dialogues With Your Audience - Louise Hodges

Louise Hodges believes “Too many brands put their company agenda first and forget that the media are not here to be a mouthpiece for product launches or company news.”  Her talk will cover:  The great challenge but necessary journey brand owners need to make in order for their company to be memorable and stand for something. Today consumer brands need to be part of the conversation customers or potential customers are having with their friends and family.  Company spokespeople need to be part of the most important news stories of the moment – talking about the things the public really care about not forcing a corporate message on people who are largely indifferent.  To do that brands have to think and act like journalists and create truly useful, engaging and relevant commentary and content that will be read/ viewed and shared. Learn how to shift your communications strategy to win hearts as well as minds.


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#ThisGirlCan | Questioning Gender Diversity In PR - Laura Richards

Whilst Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign has been praised for empowering more women to participate in sport, research conducted into social media users’ responses suggest the impact was far more limited. Laura Richards discusses her findings and asks questions about the role PR has to play in improving diversity in the industries we work in.

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Food & Networking

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#BadNewsTrending - A Comms Crisis LIVE - Simon Waldman

What happens when a customer complaint escalates? When an employee brings the brand into disrepute? When your service goes down? When you’re trending online for the wrong reasons?

In this interactive session, we’ll be giving participants a comms crisis to deal with…live on stage! Watch and advise them as the crisis unfolds. Are they prepared for the worst? And will their comms strategy help smooth over the cracks or will they just create an ever bigger calamity?!

Hosted by Simon Waldman, former Editor at the BBC.

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#YoungPR | The Traditional vs The Reality of PR - Jessica Becker

A BA (Hons) in Public Relations. A lot is taught in those three years at university, but how much of that education and harboured knowledge is practical and relevant in the real world of PR? Is a degree in the PR field even necessary? And is what’s being taught a true reflection of the industry?

Jessica Becker of Manifest London will be speaking to young PRs about their perceptions of the industry vs what they expected upon graduating, as well as their predictions for the future of comms.


Chair: Jessica Becker | Panelists: Marina Ferrer, Rebecca Bonnar, Olivia Wills, Emma Catchpole

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Peso & Pole Dancing: What Really Matters In Social Media Measurement - Paul Sutton

Social media measurement is full of smoke and mirrors, where vanity metrics such as impressions and fan numbers abound. In this session, independent social media consultant Paul Sutton brings us a powerful and highly personal story that emphasises why measuring what really matters is so important. He introduces the 4R Framework, an evaluation system that goes beyond Reach and Response to measure Resonance and Return, and suggests how you can introduce this to your own organisation to start evaluating the true ROI of your social media efforts.

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Why Brands Need To Put Purpose Ahead of PRrofit - Alex Myers

The rise of a purpose-driven economy puts new pressures on brands to communicate not what they do, but why they do it. It’s a shift that puts PR in the marketing driving-seat and can give brands a new lease of life – but it’s also a big risk for those brands struggling to bare their soul. Should purpose really come before profit? Can transparency ever replace spin? Do all brands really have a ‘why’? All these questions and more will be explored by Alex Myers, an expert in brand communications, as he looks ahead to a future of PR that’s more heart and soul than smoke and mirrors.

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Comms is Changing...But Don’t Believe the Hype - Rica Squires

You can’t open a trade publication or attend a conference without being bombarded by “the trends that will shape the way we work” and other breathless exclamations of how the corporate communications world is being rocked.  But what is actually changing?  Is it the means or the message?  This session looks at that question, how we can all maximise our budgets and how we can optimise our relationships with international agencies.

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How To Slay Your Dragons - Levi Roots

Charismatic Sauce-man and Entrepreneur, Levi Roots is a prime example of how staying true to your brand and connecting with your advocates (including the Dragons!) are the keys to brand building success.

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Closing Notes - Jonathan Bean